Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII Review: A Compact Powerhouse

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Yamaha has introduced the Stagepas 1K MKII, venturing into the world of compact line array PA systems. These systems have become popular for their portability, audio clarity, especially in the vocal range, feedback resistance, and minimal visual disruption in smaller venues. Ideal for solo artists, duos, and small bands, the Stagepas 1K MKII is designed to enhance vocal and acoustic performances in intimate settings.

Key Features of Stagepas 1K MKII

Construction and Portability

The Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII features a construction design that balances durability and portability. The system’s total weight is centered around the sub, ensuring stability once set up. For those concerned about mobility, especially with a bad back, an optional dolly facilitates easy transportation to venues. Included with the Stagepas 1K is a heavy-duty fabric cover, designed not only to protect the sub but also to conveniently hold the spacers, speaker array, microphones, and cables, complete with a velcro flap for easy handle access. This meticulous attention to construction details underscores Yamaha’s commitment to combining practicality with durability.

Ease of Setup and Reliability

The Stagepas 1K MKII stands out for its portability and ease of setup, fitting neatly into a single bag for convenient transport. Yamaha’s reputation for reliability further enhances the appeal of the Stagepas 1K MKII, offering peace of mind to performers who rely on durable, high-quality sound equipment. Its combination of high-fidelity sound, versatility, and practical design makes it an excellent option for musicians and venues seeking a compact yet powerful PA system.


Sound Quality and Performance

The Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII offers crystal clear and detailed sound across a variety of settings, excelling particularly in vocal reproduction and acoustic guitar performances. Its design allows for a tight and punchy bass response, thanks to the ported subwoofer enhancing the low-frequency output. This system performs exceptionally well at moderate levels, delivering great sound that sounds great in small gigs or intimate settings. Adjustments like moving the Mode knob towards Speech or tweaking the tone knob can effectively enhance vocal clarity, making this system adaptable to the nuances of different voices and venues.

Expanding Sound Coverage

For events requiring broader sound coverage, the Stagepas 1K MKII offers practical solutions without necessitating a second system. Connecting a powered speaker, such as the Yamaha DBR10, to the system’s Link or Monitor output can extend the reach of sound to accommodate larger or uniquely shaped venues. This flexibility underscores the system’s utility in diverse performance contexts, from intimate gigs to more expansive settings.


Enhanced Audio Quality and Design

At the heart of the Stagepas 1K MKII is a moulded ABS subwoofer cabinet, coated with textured polyurea and housing a 12-inch driver alongside the mixer, PSU, and amplifier pack. Yamaha’s innovative Twisted Flare Port system is integrated to minimize port noise, enhancing audio clarity. The speaker section, protected by a metal grille, is surprisingly lightweight, thanks to its tough plastic construction. This system incorporates Yamaha’s well-thought-out connection system, ensuring ease of setup and reliability.

Feedback Resistance and Dispersion

Feedback resistance and wide-but-shallow sound dispersion are notable features of the Stagepas 1K MKII. These characteristics ensure that the sound covers the intended area effectively without causing unwanted feedback or disrupting the audience’s view.

Power and Amplification

The Stagepas 1K MKII is powered by 1000 Watts of Class-D amplification, ensuring a robust sound output. The active crossover at 240Hz optimizes the distribution of frequencies between the subwoofer and the line-array drivers, enhancing the overall sound.

Speaker Configuration

The system features ten 1.5-inch drivers dedicated to mid and high frequencies, paired with a 12-inch ported subwoofer for the lows. This configuration eliminates the need for a mid/high crossover, allowing for seamless high-frequency reproduction.

Frequency Response and SPL

Boasting a frequency response of 37Hz to 20kHz at the -10dB points, the Stagepas 1K MKII can produce a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 119dB at one meter. This capacity ensures that the system can deliver powerful and clear audio across a wide frequency range.

Innovative Design Features

The column speakers incorporate a unique design with integrated connectors, removing the need for extra cables. The modifiable distribution pattern of the drivers enhances sound dispersion, making the entire system versatile for different stage setups, including for acoustic guitar performances or when a mobile DJ needs more power for great sound.

Advanced Mixing Capabilities and App

A standout feature of the Stagepas 1K MKII is its built-in digital mixer, offering five input channels and Bluetooth control capability via the Stagepas Editor app, which acts as a wireless control. This mixer includes a reverb/delay section based on Yamaha’s SPX technology, allowing for polished vocal sounds without external effects. The mixer’s design prioritizes ease of use, with a one-knob EQ per channel and support for Bluetooth music playback. It’s a testament to Yamaha’s effort to blend simplicity with functional versatility in live sound applications, ideal for backing tracks or acoustic guitar pieces.


Connectivity and Control

The system’s connectivity is thoughtfully designed, supporting a wide range of input types and offers Bluetooth playback security with all necessary connections integral to the unit, reducing the need for excessive cabling. The back panel houses the IEC mains inlet, power switch, input connections, and outputs for link and monitor purposes. The Stagepas 1K MKII supports a wide range of input types and offers Bluetooth playback security through a passcode feature. Additionally, the mixer’s one-knob EQ and preset options simplify sound customization, catering to various performance needs, including stereo audio and stereo operation through a stereo input.

Insights from Professionals

In the world of live sound and performance, the Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII has captured the attention of audio engineers, music producers, and tech experts for its compact size, versatility, and impressive sound quality. Interviews with these professionals reveal a consensus: the Stagepas 1K MKII is a game-changer for small to medium-sized venues and events.

Audio engineers praise the system’s ease of setup and the clarity it brings to vocals and acoustic instruments. One noted feature is the 5-channel mixer, which simplifies live mixing while providing flexibility with its Bluetooth streaming capabilities and built-in effects. The system’s portability is another point of commendation, enabling quick transitions between venues without sacrificing sound quality.

Music producers, often concerned with the fidelity of sound reproduction, have found the Stagepas 1K MKII’s high output and detailed soundstage to be particularly effective for live performances and outdoor gigs. The consensus is that it provides a “hi-fi” listening experience, rare in portable PA systems, making it ideal for acoustic sets and intimate performances where clarity and depth of sound are paramount.

Tech experts highlight the innovative DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology integrated into the Stagepas 1K MKII. This technology optimizes the sound automatically, adjusting EQ settings for different environments, thereby ensuring consistent audio quality regardless of the venue. The inclusion of a ducker feature, which lowers the volume of background music when speaking into a microphone, is seen as a thoughtful addition for presenters and DJs.

Real-World Applications

Case studies of the Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII in various settings underscore its adaptability and performance.

For instance, a small church community found the system to be a perfect fit for their space, offering enough power to fill the room without overwhelming the congregation. The ease of use was a significant factor, allowing volunteers with minimal audio experience to manage sound effectively.

Another case involved a solo guitarist who performs at weddings and small cafes. The guitarist appreciated the system’s straightforward setup and the quality of sound it delivered, particularly noting how the built-in mixer and effects allowed for a richer, more engaging sound. The portability of the Stagepas 1K MKII meant they could travel to different venues without worrying about transportation or setup times.

A local community theater group used the Stagepas 1K MKII for outdoor performances, taking advantage of its clear sound projection and resistance to feedback to ensure dialogue and music were heard clearly by the audience, even in challenging outdoor environments. The ability to link two systems for a broader stereo image was particularly useful in larger open spaces, providing an immersive listening experience for the audience.


The Yamaha Stagepas 1K MKII represents a significant leap forward for artists and small groups seeking a practical, high-quality PA system. With its impressive sound output, flexible setup options, and user-friendly features, it addresses the common challenges faced by performers. The system’s portability further enhances its appeal, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of venues and events. Yamaha’s dedication to convenience and performance makes the Stagepas 1K MKII an excellent investment for anyone looking to elevate their live sound experience.


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