Ethics Policy

Editorial Independence and Integrity

Pro MusicShop stands as an entirely independent team, distinct and unaffiliated with any manufacturers or companies within the audio technology sphere. Our mission is founded on providing honest, unbiased coverage without any form of payment influencing what we decide to cover. The insights and analyses we offer are the culmination of years dedicated to reporting on consumer audio technology, reflecting our commitment to integrity above all.

How We Select Our Topics

The realm of audio technology is not only vast but also continuously expanding. Amidst the buzz and exaggeration prevalent in the industry, Pro MusicShop serves as a beacon of truth. Our content may diverge from the excitement typically found in press releases and entertainment-focused tech outlets. Instead, we pride ourselves on being seasoned journalists, equipped with the necessary credentials to dissect and present the facts of the audio world. For those seeking substance over spectacle, we are your go-to source.

Our Commitment to Ethical Journalism

The entire editorial team at Pro MusicShop adheres to a rigorous ethics policy. We do not engage in the sale of headphones or any audio equipment, ensuring our writers’ independence from our advertising and promotional activities. Our editorial integrity remains untainted by advertising deals, favorable coverage requests, or biased narratives. Our approach is to inform about the audio industry accurately and impartially, free from any ethical compromises.

Testing Our Standards

For a deeper understanding of our evaluation process, we encourage readers to explore our testing methodology for further details.

Compensation and Independence

Pro MusicShop compensates its writers solely for their content creation, with directives coming directly from the Executive Editor, unaffected by any advertising endeavors. Our policies strictly forbid accepting payments or gifts from covered manufacturers, ensuring no conflicts of interest. Any breach of these terms is met with strict disciplinary actions to preserve our editorial integrity.

Accuracy and Corrections Policy

We strive for the utmost accuracy in our publications. However, should any content be found factually inaccurate or in violation of our ethics policy, immediate removal and correction are our standard practices. Our ultimate goal is to furnish our readers with impeccable information, adhering strictly to our ethical guidelines.

Addressing Potential Ethical Concerns

While maintaining our ethics policy, we remain vigilant against content that may not meet our standards, reserving the right to seek external consultation to resolve such issues, despite not having an ombudsperson currently.

Engagement and Transparency

Pro MusicShop values reader interaction, opting for a controlled approach to comments by eliminating anonymous postings. Our “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the article’s end serves as a platform for reader queries, ensuring a respectful and informative discourse devoid of misinformation or offensive content.

Review Units and Samples Policy

In our quest to provide honest reviews, we sometimes receive pre-release devices from manufacturers or their representatives. Bound by embargo agreements, we respect confidentiality until the permitted disclosure time. Devices are either returned or donated, aligning with our strict no-keep policy to avoid any bias.

Giveaways and Partnerships

Our reader giveaways, conducted in partnership with various companies, do not imply endorsements. We ensure clear guidelines for participation, maintaining fairness and transparency in all giveaway activities.

Advertising and Revenue

Our primary revenue stream comes from referral programs rather than direct advertising. When readers purchase through “Buy Now” links on our site, we receive a commission, independent of editorial influence. This arrangement, with retailers, not manufacturers, ensures unbiased product recommendations. Our financial model thrives on your satisfaction and trust in our recommendations.

Affiliate Disclosure

As participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, we earn from qualifying purchases. This affiliate relationship is managed separately from our editorial content, emphasizing our commitment to unbiased reporting.

Acknowledgments and Awards

Pro MusicShop occasionally recognizes products with editorially driven awards, independent of any marketing influence. Companies may license these awards post-recognition, but our editorial integrity remains our top priority, ensuring awards are merited, not bought.

Our Pledge to You

At Pro MusicShop, we are dedicated to serving you with the most thorough and ethical content possible. We aim to guide your next purchase with clarity and independence, minimizing uncertainty with our trustworthy recommendations. Trust in our commitment to uphold our ethics policy, serving as your reliable source for audio technology information.

—The Editorial Team at Pro MusicShop


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Ethics Policy

Our team independently selects all featured products, but Pro MusicShop may earn a commission on purchases through our links. See our ethics policy for more.