LD Systems Maui 5 GO 100 Review: Unveiling Portability

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The LD Systems Maui 5 Go 100 is a versatile and portable PA system designed to cater to a range of events from wedding ceremonies to corporate functions. With its innovative features and compact design, it promises to deliver great sound for both performance and convenience.

Evolution of PA Systems

The shift in preference from traditional, bulky PA speakers to more compact, portable line array systems reflects significant advancements in technology. These modern column systems offer unmatched convenience and ease of setup, making them increasingly popular among users who value both performance and portability.

Key Features of Maui 5 Go 100

Power and Performance

The Maui 5 Go 100 boasts an 800 watts peak power output and a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 120dB, ensuring loud and powerful sound for any occasion. It features a multi-band limiter for continuous operation without distortion, even at maximum load, making it ideal for events that last all day or night.

Design and Portability

What sets the Maui 5 Go 100 apart is its lightweight, polycarbonate construction, weighing in at only 25lbs. This, combined with its three-piece column design, makes the speaker incredibly easy to transport and set up, perfect for on-the-go event planners and entertainers.


Column Array Design Benefits

The unique column array design of the Maui 5 Go 100 not only improves audio quality but also supports stereo operation for a balanced sound and also simplifies setup by eliminating the need for a tripod, offering both practicality and a sleek look for high-end events. The speaker’s white finish further enhances its aesthetic appeal, allowing it to blend seamlessly into various venues, making it ideal for live music, especially classic rock or guitar performances.

Audio Quality and Clarity

The speaker includes four 3″ neodymium drivers and an 8″ woofer in the base for a balanced and immersive audio experience, making it a versatile PA system. The column array design enhances clarity and bass response, while the angling of the drivers broadens the dispersion of sound to 120 degrees, allowing for wide coverage with fewer speakers.

Versatile Connectivity

Equipped with an integrated 4-channel mixer, the Maui 5 GO 100 accommodates a variety of inputs, including microphone, line-level, Hi-Z for guitar, and MP3, along with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. The mixer controls are conveniently located on the sub unit, allowing for easy adjustments to channel levels, Bluetooth pairing, and switching between mono and stereo operation. The sub control and hi-boost control offer further customization of the sound, balancing the subwoofer level with the column speakers and fine-tuning the upper frequencies.



With Bluetooth connectivity for easy BT pairing and DJ mode, the Maui 5 Go 100 offers wireless control over your music playback, ensuring your sound system is versatile enough to handle everything from loud guitar solos to crystal clear vocals. Despite its low cost, the Maui 5 Go 100 doesn’t compromise on features like amplifier output system, high shelf filter, and mic level control, proving that good reason exists to choose it as your go-to PA system for professional-quality audio.

Practical Testing and User Experience

On-the-Road Testing

To gauge the Maui 5 GO 100’s performance, it was tested in a variety of settings, highlighting its loud and clear sound suitable for live music, with a special focus on classic rock and guitar performance. Its compactness was highlighted during transport, providing ample room for additional equipment. The ease of setup was also noted, with the speaker being ready to go in just 10 seconds.


he mixer section of the speaker was tested for its versatility and ease of use, accommodating various input types and offering the option for a completely wireless setup via Bluetooth. This functionality, combined with the speaker’s light weight, portability, and great sound quality, underscores its suitability for solo musicians and event organizers alike.

Pop and Hip-Hop

Our first test track was a lively hip-hop beat, where we pushed the volume to fully engage the 8″ woofer. The Maui 5 Go 100 impressed us with its 120-degree sound dispersion, delivering evenly spread, rich sound without any distortion across the listening area.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

For the second track, an EDM piece, the speaker showcased its ability to handle digital sounds smoothly. There was no harshness, and the sound quality remained clear and balanced, making it easy to distinguish between various basslines, melodies, and drum beats without any muddiness.

Rock Music

To see how well the Maui 5 GO 100 could handle different genres, we played a rock track. The speaker performed admirably, offering consistent sound quality even as we increased the volume and moved away, proving its versatility beyond just electronic or hip-hop music.

Microphone Sound

We also tested the speaker with spoken word using a wireless mic system. The result was clear, natural-sounding speech that could be easily understood from a distance, showcasing the system’s capability for public speaking or presentations with crisp highs.


Despite searching for flaws, there were only minor issues to note. The bag designed for the column part of the speaker proved slightly impractical during packing, failing to stay upright. Bluetooth connectivity experienced occasional drops at longer distances, but this is more a limitation of Bluetooth technology rather than the speaker itself. Additionally, stability on uneven surfaces like grass was noted as slightly wobbly, suggesting a need for a solid base for optimal performance.

Overall, the LD Systems Maui 5 Go 100 delivered clear, full, and powerful sound for its size. Although many might initially see it as ideal for weddings and cocktail hours, its utility extends far beyond such events. Its lightweight and portable design make it suitable for a wide range of uses—from corporate AV tasks to outdoor gatherings in parks or backyards. The Maui 5 Go 100 proves to be a highly adaptable speaker system capable of excelling in nearly any setting.


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