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The workplace is no longer restricted to being confined in a space anymore. Back then, we may have experienced sitting at a desk and performing our tasks. Today, due to the advancement of technology, we are no longer confined to a permanent space, but we are able to work on the go. Yet, we still ought to keep in touch with our workmates, as having meetings for discussions is crucial within a functioning workplace. Thus, if you are someone who works on the go, or works from home, it is essential that you own a conference speakerphone.

It will ease your burden when you make a conference call, not having to worry about the sound quality which may affect your performance as you speak to a client or your boss. If you have stuck around long enough, you are probably in need of one, and we are here to help. This article will provide a review of the top 10 best conference speakerphones.

Jabra Speak 510 USB and Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone


The Jabra Speak 510 MS is a mid-range portable USB and bluetooth speakerphone. It is designed to allow you to have clearer conversations with optimum sound quality, with USB and bluetooth connectivity. It also has an omnidirectional microphone which enables conference calls to occur. With the PC application Jabra Direct, you are able to interact with your voice assistant or make a speed dial with the one-touch Smart button. This may be a setback for Apple Mac users. The speaker is also rechargeable, in which a full charge yields up to 15 hours of talk time, enough to bring around without having to worry when you ought to plug it in again.

It has an intuitive interface, with the power button, call and end call buttons, and volume control, which are all simple functions. Overall, the Jabra Speak 510 is reasonably priced and includes all the basic functions of holding a conference call. However, its limitations lie wherein it only works in smaller rooms and up to 4 people, and that it cannot be used for other purposes such as playing music or other media. Hence, if you are looking for a basic speakerphone, the Jabra Speak 510 is somewhere to start.


Yamaha YVC-200 USB and Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone


The Yamaha YVC-200 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone offers the best quality audio for both personal and professional use. It connects to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC through Bluetooth or a USB jack. The built-in microphone offers 360 degrees coverage, ensuring that your voice is picked up easily. The battery is rechargeable, allowing up to 10 hours of call time on a single charge. Moreover, you have the option to connect your headphones through the headphone jack, for private calls.

You are able to listen to music in between calls as well, and the speakerphone adapts the function of noise cancellation to ensure that your calls are crystal clear. The interface is very intuitive, with the basic buttons of power, call and end call, volume control and mute. It comes in two colours, black and white.


Yamaha YVC-330 USB and Bluetooth conference speaker


The Yamaha YVC-330 is a USB and Bluetooth conference phone with new Soundcap technology. This allows you to capture nearby conversations, which eliminates any background noise of up to 3 feet away, ensuring that your calls have the best sound quality even within a loud, open-spaced environment. Moreover, it has a built-in function of self-silence, which essentially mutes the microphone automatically whenever meeting participants are not speaking, eliminating any unnecessary sounds during the call.

If you think it cannot get any better than that, it has a “self-volume balancer” which helps you adjust the volume to fit the surrounding ambient you are located in. These functions will enable your calls to run smoothly and provide you with optimum sound quality. For medium-sized spaces, you have the option to daisy chain 2 units with the daisy chain cable sold separately. This speakerphone definitely offers more advanced options, and should definitely be considered if you are moving within the bustling city.


Yamaha YVC-1000



If you are working within a huge space, perhaps the Yamaha YVC-1000 MS is the speakerphone for you. It is designed to hold 2 external speakers and 5 daisy chain units, allowing you to include as many people within the call. You are able to connect to the speakerphone via USB or Bluetooth, to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. If you are holding it in a large conference room, this is a perfect alternative to installed audio equipment.

In addition, it is designed to work with Skype for Business and Zoom as it immediately integrates it as an audio option. The Yamaha YVC-1000 also has Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) which differentiates between voices and background noises, and thereby eliminates any unnecessary noises which will compromise the quality of the call. All in all, the Yamaha YVC-1000 is greatly suited if you are making a call within a large space, and require many people to be on call.


Jabra Speak 710 Speakerphone


For something more multifunctional, perhaps the Jabra Speak 710 is the speakerphone for you. With one of its main features being the HD sound quality, you are guaranteed that phone calls are no longer muffled or unclear. It also has an omnidirectional microphone which enables conference calls to occur. Not only conference calls, the 710 allows you to play music and multimedia, thereby being multifunctional. Connect to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC within seconds via USB and Bluetooth. Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery life of 15 hours before having to recharge.

It is lightweight and portable, as well as pairs multiple Jabra 710s together. This allows you to cover up to 12 people in a single conference call. The 710 is also compatible with an array of platforms such as Skype for Business, Zoom as well as Google Hangout. Overall, the Jabra Speak 710 is a premium conference speakerphone that optimises on its HD sound quality.


Jabra Speak 810 Conference Speaker


A speakerphone that is primarily focused on conference calls, the Jabra Speak 810 is the ideal choice. The unique ZoomTalk microphone allows up to 15 people on the conference call, which is great for those large business meetings with your work mates, boss and the client. You can easily connect via a 3.5mm jack to your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

This thus reduces its mobility, as it is rendered stationary within reach of your device. However, if you are utilizing a Class 1 device, the speakerphone allows you within reach of up to a range of 30 metres. The 810 does have Digital Signal Processing Technology which enables crystal clear sound quality without any echoes or distortions. Moreover, it is compatible with UC systems and VoIP clients such as Skype for Business.


Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710E


A portable speakerphone, the Logitech P710E is a speakerphone for all your mobile devices. Connect seamlessly to your phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth. It also allows you to have up to 15 hours of talk time within a single charge. It also has an integrated stand for smartphones and tablets, which allows you to prop it up easily as you make your next video call. Not just that, it has an integrated USB cable hard wired within the device, ensuring that you never misplace or forget about your USB cable.

You may also plug in your headphones during a private conference call. The P710E also houses noise and echo cancellation functions, which allows you to make high quality calls with the best sound. It also is certified with Skype for Business and Cisco compatible. The P710E is perfect for those looking to get their first speakerphone, with all the necessary functions needed to conduct a conference call.


Calisto 600 Series


The Calisto 600 Series offers a small and lightweight conference speakerphone. The Calisto 610 is a plug and play conference speakerphone, connected via USB. The Calisto 620, on the other hand, is a portable wireless UC speakerphone. Both speaker phones offer an intuitive call management, allowing for easy access to its functions.

They also have high quality sound, ensuring that your calls are of optimum quality. The 620, however, offers more functions, such as allowing you to play music and multimedia, along with a talk time and battery meter which lets you know how long you have before needing to recharge your device. All in all, the 610 provides just sufficient functions for you to perform a conference call, while the 620 is portable and allows you more features.

Calisto 7200


The Calisto 7200 is a four-directional microphone to perform a conference call in a small group of up to 6 people. It can be connected via USB as well as Bluetooth. It has a simple intuitive interface, which allows you to easily navigate from function to function. It has a sleek design, in the shape of a square which allows for easy storage.

It is compatible with a Windows or Mac OS, and has a battery talk time of up to 6.5 hours. Moreover, it allows you to customise your own experience through the Plantronics Hub for Desktop. The Calisto 7200 is simple to use, and offers the basic functions of conducting a conference call.

Beyerdynamic Phonum


A sleek speakerphone with a 360 degrees input and output for speaker and microphone, the Beyerdynamic Phonum is an easy to use speakerphone for your conference calls. It has an in-built, best in class, echo cancellation to ensure that your calls are of optimum sound quality and reduce any unnecessary noise. It is compatible with a multitude of video conferencing applications such as Skype for Business, Google Hangout as well as Zoom.

It has an operating battery time of 12 hours for a single charge, and includes a hard case for you to store your speakerphone and the USB cable. The touchface is intuitive, with the power button, call and end call buttons, and volume control, which are all simple functions.

Conference Speakerphone Review Summary

Overall, there are many portable speakerphones for conference calls available on the market. Depending on your preference or needs, some speaker phones will suit you more than others. All of the speakerphones offer optimum sound quality.

For those who require a larger conference group, perhaps the Yamaha YVC-330, Jabra Speak 710 or Jabra Speak 810 is more suited for you due to its ability to hold large capacities.

If you are constantly on the move or hold very long conference calls that last hours, perhaps the Yamaha YVC-220 and Jabra Speak 510 MS is more suitable as they longer battery life from a single charge.

3 Benefits of a Portable Conference Speakerphone

1. Seamless Connectivity

A portable conference speakerphone allows you to transform your location to a conference room due to its Bluetooth connectivity. In a matter of seconds, you can stay connected with your work mates and communicate with them as you would in a conference meeting. As long as your device has Bluetooth connectivity, a portable conference speakerphone lets you be on call as you move around the space. So if you have to grab something or move to a different location, you can do so with ease on your speakerphone so long as you stay connected to the Internet.

2. Business Agility

You are no longer confined to a permanent space, and you can bring your work anywhere you go with a portable conference speakerphone. It allows you to hold a conference meeting with your workmates no matter where you are, with some speaker phones with the function of noise cancellation. As such, even if you are in a quiet room, or at an open-spaced coffee shop, you can perform your conference call anytime, anywhere.

3. Mobility/Portability

Bring your device anywhere, as most speakerphones offer a rechargeable battery, which enables you to utilise your device without having to worry about plugging it in and charging it. The speakers, microphone and audio controls are built-in, so you can simply bring the speakerphone around with your device to start conference calls. They are lightweight and do not take up much room, but are highly useful in providing you the best sound quality for your calls.

4 Things to look out for when buying a Conference Speakerphone

1. Sound quality

When looking to purchase a conference speakerphone, the sound quality is crucial. This ensures that you are able to hear those on the call clearly, and that your voice is being projected to others clearly as well.

2. Lasting Battery-life

Keep in mind that the conference speakerphone function is that it has to also be portable, and can be brought to places. A good sustainable battery life is thus essential as you purchase a conference speakerphone.

3. Usability

The interface of the speakerphone has to be intuitive, and not too complicated or take up too much time to set up. This allows you to make swift conference calls without having to take time in setting up the software. Preferably, its manual controls should be kept at a minimum.

4. Build and reliability

Various brands offer its perks, but it is crucial that those perks are backed up with sustainability. As such, it is essential to read up on reviews of the best speaker phones, letting you make a more informed choice on your next purchase.

What are the 3 different types of Conference Speaker available?

1. Speakerphone

A speakerphone is built-in to your device such as your smartphone or PC, usually with no echo cancellation and only has one microphone. This is usually used for a single user, communicating with another user and is not designed for multiple users on the phone, which will render a poorer sound quality when there is a group of people on the call.

2. Conference Phone

A conference phone is designed to operate in an open environment with multiple people. It can be supported by extension microphones, and are usually simple to operate. Conference phones usually are incorporated with echo cancellation, providing maximum sound quality.

3. Installed system

An installed conference system is built into the room, and can be moved to accommodate different situations within the given space. These systems are often integrated with video conferencing equipment which allows for better conference calls.


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