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The Mackie ShowBox is an innovative, battery-powered all-in-one live performance rig designed to elevate the live sound experience for musicians and performers. This versatile system seamlessly integrates a powerful 400W amplifier, a dynamic portable PA speaker, a comprehensive 6-channel mixer, a flexible FX unit, and a user-friendly audio interface into a single, compact device. With its breakaway controller that conveniently mounts to your mic stand, the Mackie ShowBox delivers outstanding live sound in any venue, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor performance.

Key Features of the Mackie ShowBox

Simplified Setup and Enhanced Portability

Setting up for a performance has never been easier, thanks to the Mackie ShowBox’s user-friendly design. Its battery-powered nature not only allows for great flexibility in venue choice but also ensures that performers can transport their entire rig in just one trip from the car. This ease of setup and portability is a significant boon for solo artists and small bands alike, whether they’re using it as a PA system, acoustic guitar amp, or for instrument amps.

Comprehensive Control at Your Fingertips

The ShowBox introduces an innovative breakaway mix controller, enabling performers to adjust levels for microphones and instruments, effects, tone shaping, and more, directly from the mic stand clip. This detachable controller not only simplifies sound management during live performances but also neatly tucks away into the ShowBox for storage, highlighting the system’s emphasis on convenience and efficiency.


Connectivity and Recording Capabilities

In today’s digital age, the ability to connect with online audiences is as crucial as live performance quality. The ShowBox addresses this need with its USB-C interface, facilitating easy streaming and recording. Performers can also play over backing tracks via Bluetooth®, offering a seamless integration of live and prerecorded sounds. Additionally, the option to record performances directly to a microSD card or stream them through a compatible device underscores the ShowBox’s role as a versatile tool for modern musicians.

Tailored Sound for Every Venue

The ShowBox’s design thoughtfully includes features like outdoor voicing modes amp, indoor/outdoor audio settings, and a feedback eliminator, ensuring that performers can tailor their sound to any environment. Whether busking outdoors or playing an intimate indoor gig, the ShowBox delivers clear, powerful sound tailored to the specific setting.


Expanding Sonic Possibilities

Beyond its core functionalities, the ShowBox excels in offering creative freedom to performers. With two microphone inputs, two hi-Z instrument inputs, and a stereo line input, it caters to a wide range of audio sources. The onboard 6-channel mixer, complete with EQ, single knob compression, and built-in effects, allows for precise sound shaping. Performers can further enhance their sound with the FX loop, integrating their pedalboards for even more sound customization options.

Easy Integration and Performance Tools

The ShowBox not only simplifies the technical aspects of live performance but also enriches the overall experience with convenient performance tools. The breakaway controller, mounted on a microphone stand, provides instant access to vital controls, making it easy to adjust the sound on the fly. The system’s Autogain feature ensures optimal levels, while onboard Bluetooth allows for easy streaming of backing tracks or intermission music from a smartphone.

A Deep Dive into Its Technical Excellence

The Mackie ShowBox stands as a testament to cutting-edge audio technology, designed to cater to the demanding needs of live performers. This section explores the technical specifications that make the ShowBox an unparalleled all-in-one performance rig, highlighting its superior sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and robust build.

Core Audio Performance

At the heart of the ShowBox’s exceptional audio output lies its impressive frequency range of 48 Hz to 20 kHz, ensuring that every note and nuance of the performance is captured and delivered with clarity and precision. The system’s coverage pattern is optimally designed at 90 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical, providing comprehensive sound distribution that reaches every corner of the venue. To further enhance the live sound experience, the ShowBox boasts a maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) peak of 122 dB, allowing for powerful, distortion-free sound even at high volumes.

Amplification and Drivers

Driving this exceptional sound are two core components: a low-frequency woofer and a high-frequency titanium driver. The 8-inch woofer, powered by a 350 watts peak Class D amplifier, delivers deep, punchy bass lines, while the 1.0-inch titanium high-frequency driver, also powered by a Class D amplifier but at 50 watts peak, ensures crisp and clear high-end sounds. This combination guarantees a well-balanced audio performance across all frequencies.

Versatile Input and Output Options

Flexibility in connectivity is crucial for live performers, and the ShowBox excels in this area. It offers a range of input types including female XLR, 1/4″ balanced jacks, and a 1/8″ Aux jack, catering to various audio sources. Wireless connectivity is also robust, featuring Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless audio streaming and a USB-C port for direct digital input and output. The output options include a male XLR balanced mix out and a stereo headphone output, providing ample options for monitoring and external amplification.


Power Efficiency and Battery Life

The ShowBox is engineered to be as efficient as it is powerful. It operates on a universal power supply ranging from 100–240V~, accommodating global power standards. The rig’s battery technology is equally impressive, featuring a 5200mAh, 14.8V battery that guarantees up to 12 hours of continuous operation, ensuring reliability for extended performances. Additionally, the system includes comprehensive protection features like peak and RMS limiting, along with thermal protection for the power supply and amplifier, securing the rig’s longevity and consistent performance.

Compact Size and Portability

Physical design plays a pivotal role in the practicality of live performance equipment. The ShowBox’s dimensions of 19.7 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches (or 500 x 300 x 249 mm) strike a perfect balance between compactness and performance capability. Weighing in at 20.9 lb, it is portable enough for musicians on the go, without compromising on sound quality or volume.

Insights from Industry Professionals

Audio engineer, Alex Thompson, highlights the ShowBox’s user-friendly interface and powerful output as game-changers for live performances. “The ability to easily adjust levels, effects, and EQ on the fly, without needing to navigate complex menus, is a huge advantage,” Thompson notes. He also appreciates the system’s robust build, which can withstand the rigors of touring.


Music producer, Sara Kim, points out the versatility of the ShowBox. “It’s not just about the sound quality—which is exceptional—but also about how it streamlines the setup for performers. The integrated battery and comprehensive inputs mean artists can focus more on their performance and less on the technical setup,” she explains.

Tech expert, Jordan Lee, emphasizes the ShowBox’s connectivity features. “The Bluetooth and USB-C interfaces are particularly impressive, allowing for seamless integration with a variety of devices. This flexibility is invaluable for performers who incorporate digital elements into their live shows,” Lee states.

ShowBox in Diverse Setups

To further illustrate the versatility and efficiency of the Mackie ShowBox, we explored several real-world setups where both wired and wireless systems were effectively utilized.

Solo Acoustic Performances

John Carter, a solo acoustic guitarist, uses the ShowBox for his performances in coffee shops and small venues. The built-in battery eliminates the need for power outlets, allowing him to perform in locations without dedicated stage areas. Carter connects his guitar and microphone directly to the ShowBox, using its wireless Bluetooth feature to play backing tracks from his smartphone. This setup demonstrates the ShowBox’s capability to support solo artists in intimate settings.

Small Band Performances

The indie band “Sunset Drive” adopted the ShowBox for their small venue gigs. The band’s setup includes electric guitars, keyboards, and vocal mics. They connect their instruments through the ShowBox’s wired inputs and use the wireless connectivity to stream intermission music. This case study showcases how the ShowBox accommodates multiple input sources, providing a clear and balanced mix for the audience.

Outdoor Events

For an outdoor wedding ceremony, event organizers chose the ShowBox for its portability and ease of setup. The ceremony featured a violinist and a vocalist, both of whom were mic’d and connected to the ShowBox. The event’s success was attributed to the ShowBox’s clear sound projection and its ability to operate wirelessly, which was crucial for the outdoor setting.


The Mackie ShowBox redefines what it means to be an all-in-one performance rig, offering unparalleled ease of use, flexibility, and sound quality. Its comprehensive set of features caters to the diverse needs of today’s live performers, from solo artists to small bands. With the ShowBox, Mackie has not only streamlined the live performance setup process but also opened up new possibilities for sound customization and audience engagement. Whether you’re performing at a local venue or broadcasting your music to the world, the ShowBox ensures your sound is heard loud and clear, exactly how you intended it.


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