7 Best Smart Guitar & Midi Guitars for Ultimate Fun 2024

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You’ve heard of a midi keyboard right? Well now midi guitars are growing in popularity too! Just like your midi keyboard controller, these fun little machines mimic a guitar by connecting to your DAW to ouput with your desired sounds. They are small in profile and easy to travel with for musicians on the go.

There is no doubt that smart guitars and midi guitars are extremely fun to play. They allow you to unleash a wide variety of sounds without the need for pedals, and really let your creative energy flow. However, sometimes it can be hard to know which guitar to buy. That is why we have put together this handy guide of our 6 favourite smart guitars and midi guitars for ultimate fun!

LAVA ME 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitars

LAVA ME 3 Carbon Fiber Smart Guitars

Innovation and Integration

The LAVA ME 3 stands out with its 3.5-inch multi-touch display, integrated with HILAVA OS. This operating system supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud syncing, revolutionizing how guitarists access their music and tools. Its compatibility with mobile phones through cloud syncing facilitates a seamless transition of works between devices, making it a pinnacle of smart guitar technology.

Acoustic Performance

Enhanced with the Honeycomb structure, AirSonic 2 carbon fiber, and 4-MASS technology, this guitar excels in producing deep bass and prolonged sustain. The Plek Pro-leveled fretboard ensures optimal string action and playability, marking a significant leap in acoustic engineering. Its robust shock resistance and wide range of frequencies cater to a broad spectrum of musical styles and preferences.

Utility Apps and Community

Embedded powerful apps like Effects, Loops, tuner, metronome, and recorder, negate the need for external equipment, offering a standalone musical experience. The LAVA+ mobile app extends the guitar’s utility by connecting users with a global community of creators, enhancing the social and collaborative aspects of music-making.

Design and Usability

The LAVA ME 3’s design, emphasizing portability and durability with its Super AirSonic carbon fiber build and optimized battery life, appeals to musicians of all levels. Its comprehensive package, including necessary accessories and an easy-to-navigate operating system, provides a user-friendly experience.


  • Integrated HILAVA OS with extensive connectivity options.
  • Superior acoustic quality with innovative material and technology.
  • Built-in apps eliminate the need for additional equipment.
  • Access to LAVA+ community promotes collaboration.


  • The learning curve for utilizing smart features may intimidate beginners.
  • Reliance on digital enhancements might not appeal to purists seeking a traditional acoustic experience.

Against traditional acoustic-electric guitars, the LAVA ME 3 introduces smart functionalities that enhance usability and musical exploration. Its unique material composition and technological advancements set a new standard for what musicians can expect from their instruments, distinguishing it from competitors like Yamaha or Taylor guitars, which might offer more conventional experiences.

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Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

Connectivity and Integration

The Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar stands out with its versatile MIDI connection options, including USB-C, 3.5mm TRS-MIDI Out, and Bluetooth. This ensures seamless integration with a wide range of digital audio workstations (DAWs), making it a fantastic tool for producers and songwriters. The inclusion of the free Jamstik Creator software enhances this capability, offering over 200 custom instrument presets and adjustable settings like string sensitivity and tuning.

Design and Portability

With a traditional headstock design and a full 25.5″ scale length, it balances the feel of a classic electric guitar with the convenience of a compact, travel-friendly instrument. The custom padded travel bag adds to its portability, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the go.

Sound Quality and Versatility

The guitar’s Hex MIDI pickup and HSS pickup configuration, along with 5-position toggle pickup switching, provide a wide range of sound options. From analog to digital, players can explore various genres and styles with ease. The ability to switch between humbucker and single-coil tones further expands its versatility.

Learning and Creativity

The Jamstik Portal Software opens doors for beginners, offering a comprehensive learning system that evolves with the user from basic chords to full song playbacks. For more advanced musicians, the MIDI capabilities and Jamstik Creator software present endless possibilities for sound design and music production.


  • Wide array of MIDI connectivity options for versatile studio use.
  • Portable design with a traditional guitar feel.
  • Rich sound possibilities with digital and analog outputs.
  • Comprehensive learning tools for beginners and advanced musicians.


  • The learning curve for fully utilizing MIDI features and software.
  • May require additional setup for optimal use with certain DAWs or MIDI hardware.

The Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar offers a unique blend of traditional guitar playability with the cutting-edge technology of MIDI controllers, ideal for musicians looking to bridge the gap between guitar playing and digital music production.

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THV30DCE Dreadnought Cutaway Smart Guitar


Innovative Sound and Technology

The THV30DCE sets itself apart with its integration of the HyVibe system, delivering a suite of smart features including built-in FX processor with eight acoustically generated effects, looper functionality, and Bluetooth speaker capabilities. The HyVibe Mobile App enhances customization, allowing for a tailored musical experience. This technological prowess, combined with a solid Engelmann Bearclaw Spruce top and figured Mexican Rosewood back and sides, ensures a sound that is both resonant and articulate, appealing to players across genres.

Design and Aesthetics

With its dreadnought cutaway body shape, the THV30DCE offers easy access to higher frets and comfortable playability, while producing a bold sound. The premium materials, including a black graphite nut, saddle, bridge pins, and die-cast tuners, not only contribute to its elegant appearance but also to its sound quality. The glossy finish on the hand-selected woods accentuates its visual appeal, making it stand out as a premium choice for discerning guitarists.

Durability and Portability

The inclusion of a premium moulded hard case speaks to the THV30DCE’s travel readiness and the manufacturer’s commitment to protecting the guitarist’s investment. Its durable design and long-lasting lithium battery, providing over 10 hours of playtime, ensure that this guitar is ready for performances or practice sessions anywhere.


  • Advanced HyVibe technology offers extensive sound customization.
  • Premium materials and craftsmanship result in superior sound quality.
  • Comfortable playability and access to higher frets.
  • Elegant design with a high-gloss finish.


  • The complexity of the HyVibe system may require a learning curve.
  • Premium features and technology might not cater to all traditionalists.

Against other smart guitars, the THV30DCE impresses with its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge HyVibe technology, setting a new standard in the smart guitar category. Its ability to double as a Bluetooth speaker and offer real-time sound effects and looping directly on the guitar places it ahead of conventional options, making it a top contender for musicians seeking versatility and innovation in their instrument.

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Durability and Innovation

The ENYA X4 PRO, crafted entirely from carbon fiber, stands out for its exceptional durability. Unlike traditional wooden guitars, it resists dents, scratches, and the adverse effects of temperature and humidity changes. This resilience makes the X4 PRO a reliable companion for touring musicians and those frequently exposed to varying environmental conditions.

Sound Quality and Effects

Enya’s proprietary AcousticPlus® system revolutionizes the acoustic guitar experience. With onboard effects like chorus and reverb, accessible without external pedals, the X4 PRO allows musicians to enrich their sound directly from the guitar. The unique offset sound holes enhance projection and clarity, ensuring that the quality of sound reaches the audience as intended.

Playability and Design

The elevated neck design and radius carbon fiber fretboard offer a comfortable playing experience, reducing hand fatigue during extended sessions. The guitar’s full-size (4/4) ensures it’s suitable for musicians of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The gloss finish on the top and satin on the back and sides not only contribute to its striking appearance but also to the tonal quality of the instrument.


  • Unmatched durability with carbon fiber construction.
  • Built-in AcousticPlus® system provides professional-grade effects.
  • Unique offset sound holes for optimal sound projection.
  • Elevated neck design enhances playability.


  • Carbon fiber’s unique sound may not appeal to purists favoring traditional wooden acoustics.
  • The reliance on built-in electronics might discourage those who prefer purely acoustic performances.

Against traditional wooden guitars, the ENYA X4 PRO offers unmatched durability and innovative features. Its AcousticPlus® system and unique design choices position it as a top contender for musicians seeking a modern, resilient, and versatile instrument. While it may challenge traditionalist views, its benefits for touring musicians and those in fluctuating climates are undeniable, making it a leading choice in the smart guitar category.

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Enya NEXG 2

Enya NEXG 2 Carbon Fiber Acoustic

Sound and Creativity Expansion

The Enya NEXG 2 takes acoustic-electric guitar performance to new heights with its upgraded speaker system, offering a dynamic range that caters to both delicate and robust musical expressions. The integrated DSP chip, with its tripled computing power, supports intricate audio algorithms, providing 20 fine-tuned presets accessible via a user-friendly color touchscreen. This feature alone sets the NEXG 2 apart, allowing for deep sound customization.

One-Man Band Capabilities

A notable leap from its predecessor, the NEXG 2 includes an onboard looper and drum machine, transforming solo performances into rich, layered musical pieces. Coupled with a wireless microphone, it empowers musicians to create full-band soundscapes single-handedly, a boon for creativity and live performance.

Unique Acoustic Profiling

Perhaps its most groundbreaking feature, Acoustic Profiling, allows the NEXG 2 to mimic the tones of coveted vintage and master-built guitars. This innovative technology, combined with a voice-assisted tuning system, makes it an invaluable tool for both novices and seasoned players seeking to expand their sonic palette without breaking the bank.

Design and Accessories

The NEXG 2’s carbon fiber body is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and lightweight, ensuring portability and resilience. The package includes thoughtful additions like Hi-Fi monitor earphones, a USB Type-C charging cable, and a custom gig bag, enhancing the playing and practice experience.


  • Enhanced audio quality and versatility with upgraded speaker and DSP chip.
  • Integrated looper and drum machine for complex solo performances.
  • Revolutionary Acoustic Profiling technology for emulating legendary guitar tones.
  • Comprehensive accessory pack for immediate and diverse use.


  • The wealth of features might overwhelm beginners.
  • Reliance on digital enhancements may deter purists seeking a traditional acoustic experience.

In conclusion, the Enya NEXG 2 represents a significant step forward in smart guitar technology, offering unmatched versatility and creativity support for musicians looking to push the boundaries of what a guitar can do.

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Donner HUSH-I Guitar

Donner HUSH-I Guitar

Portability and Convenience

The Donner HUSH-I shines as the ideal travel companion for musicians. With its lightweight, headless design, and a compact gig bag, it easily fits into airplane overhead bins, making it perfect for on-the-go music creation. Its design is a game-changer for those who prioritize mobility without compromising on the quality of their instrument.

Quiet Practice with Superior Sound

Equipped with a preamp system, the HUSH-I offers ultra-quiet pizzicato playing (30 – 45dB), allowing for practice anytime, anywhere without disturbing others. The guitar’s natural-sounding acoustic tone can be enjoyed through headphones or a 6.35mm output, supported by a long-lasting 9v battery for extensive practice or performance sessions.

Enhanced Playability and Comfort

The asymmetrical neck design of the HUSH-I aims to reduce wrist fatigue during long playing sessions, catering to comfort and endurance. Additionally, the custom round frets are designed to be beginner-friendly, minimizing finger soreness and making practice sessions more comfortable.

Innovative Features

The hidden magnetic tuning key is a thoughtful addition, ensuring it’s always within reach for quick adjustments. The bottom tuners contribute to the guitar’s stable tuning, reducing the frequency of tune-ups compared to traditional guitars.


  • Highly portable with a lightweight and compact design.
  • Ultra-quiet practice capability, ideal for private sessions.
  • Long battery life supports extended use.
  • Comfortable playability with an ergonomic neck and beginner-friendly frets.


  • Sound quality may not fully match that of a full-sized acoustic guitar due to its compact size.
  • The unique design might require a period of adjustment for traditional acoustic guitar players.

Against other acoustic-electric guitars, the Donner HUSH-I stands out for its innovative approach to portability and quiet practice. While it may not fully replace a traditional acoustic guitar for all players, its unique features and design make it an excellent choice for those prioritizing convenience, travel-friendliness, and the ability to practice without disturbing others.

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Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Guitar

Portability Redefined

The Ultra-Light lives up to its name as the market’s smallest, lightest full-scale travel guitar, offering an unparalleled ease of transport without sacrificing the full-scale playing experience. Its innovative design, including the proprietary In-Body Tuning System, eliminates the headstock, significantly reducing the guitar’s length and weight. This makes it an ideal choice for musicians on the move, easily fitting in airline overhead bins.

Playability and Convenience

Despite its compact size, the Ultra-Light does not compromise on playability, maintaining a full 24 ¾ inch scale. The inclusion of a standard 1/4-inch output jack equipped with an acoustic piezo pickup allows for versatile practice and performance options, plugging into any amp, recording device, or headphone amp for practice anywhere, anytime.

Design and Features

The Ultra-Light’s removable lap rest enhances its portability, fitting snugly in the gig bag for transport. This feature, combined with the guitar’s lightweight nature (under 3 pounds) and compact dimensions (less than 2.5 feet long), underscores its design philosophy centered on mobility and user-friendly experience.


  • Exceptional portability, fitting easily into airline overhead bins.
  • Full-scale playing experience in a compact and lightweight design.
  • Versatile connectivity options for practice and performance.
  • Innovative In-Body Tuning System for a sleek, headstock-free profile.


  • The unique design may require adjustment for players accustomed to traditional guitars.
  • The absence of a headphone amp limits silent practice options to external devices.

Compared to other travel guitars, the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light stands out for its minimalistic design, focusing on portability and playability. While other travel guitars might offer built-in headphone amps or more conventional designs, the Ultra-Light’s focus on reducing size and weight without compromising on scale length makes it a leading choice for musicians prioritizing ease of transport and the ability to practice and perform anywhere.

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There you have it! Whether you are a home recordist experimenting with different devices, a professional wanting to add another tool to your belt, or a member of a band, we are sure this list has something for you. Grab your favourite and get strumming!


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